About Foresight Centre

The Foresight Centre is a think tank at the Estonian parliament; its tasks include analysing long-term developments in the society, identifying new trends and development avenues, and drafting development scenarios. The Foresight Centre bases its studies on a variety of possible developments and outlines alternative scenarios.

The Foresight Centre conducts foresight projects on various topics with the aim of analysing long-term developments in the society and identifying new trends and developments. The study teams include renowned experts from Estonia and abroad.

For all the foresight projects, the Centre maps the current situation, systematises the results of the existing studies, and conducts additional studies if necessary. At the last stage, the Centre develops alternative scenarios until 2030, and identifies which decisions still need to be made by policy shapers.

The final goal of the foresight projects is to present alternative scenarios of the developments that could take place in the fields under study.

People of Foresight Centre