Bridging Science and Policy: The Role of Strategic Foresight in Estonia

Strategic foresight has gained considerable currency during the last decades, said Meelis Kitsing, Head of Research, Foresight Centre.

Increasing number of academic and policy books and articles are focusing on how to design and implement foresight in policy setting. However, foresight in policy-making also implies involvement of considerable number external stakeholders who have heterogeneous understanding of the role of strategic foresight. The heterogeneity goes beyond traditional debates among different schools of thought in strategic foresight concerning design and implementation.

This presentation  explores the role of foresight on the basis of recent work performed by Foresight Centre in Estonia.  Challenges in domestic policy-making as well as in development of policy scenarios in collaboration with various European think-tanks will be discussed. The presentation will suggest some options for strengthening scientific insights through involvement of strategic foresight in policy-making.

ETA Presentation

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