Green Transition Scenarios in Estonia

Webinar: How will expectations of future home life change the energy demand: implications for demand management

What will the electricity consumption of households be like in the future and how to make it more sustainable and manageable? These were the questions asked at the Foresight Centre online seminar “How will expectations of future home life change the energy demand: implications for demand management”, held on 20 October.

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“Managing electricity demand is a growing focus of activity both globally and in Estonia, particularly in terms of saving electricity and diffusing consumption,” Head of the Foresight Centre Tea Danilov said. “At the same time, lifestyle changes such as teleworking, distance learning, virtual entertainment and the use of electric cars are increasing households’ dependence on the use of electricity.”

Professor Yolande Strengers and Dr Kari Dahlgren from Monash University in Australia presented a report “Future Home Life and Energy Demand: Insights from Australia”. The report focused on people’s expectations regarding their lifestyle in the future: what technologies and equipment they expect to have in their homes, and what are the implications on electricity consumption, should these changes take place.

In his presentation “Measures and applications for managing electricity demand in Estonia”, Dr Tarmo Korõtko (TalTech) spoke about the opportunities to better manage Estonia’s electricity consumption.

The webinar was moderated by Head of the Foresight Centre Tea Danilov.

The webinar can be viewed at the link below!

In 2022 and 2023, one of the lines of study of the Foresight Centre is focusing on the green transition scenarios in Estonia.

The Foresight Centre is an independent think tank at the Riigikogu that analyses long-term developments in society and economy. The Centre conducts research projects to analyse the long-term developments in the Estonian society, and to identify new trends and development directions.

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