The Future of Data Freedom

Foresight data conference: “How could data serve us better?”

How can we make the data collected by the public sector more useful for both the Estonian society and every individual is the question asked at the Foresight Centre data conference “How could data serve us better?”.

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“e-Estonia’s excellent reputation has created high expectations to see an increased number of data-driven services and efficient data exchange between the public and private sectors,” said the Head of the Foresight Centre Tea Danilov. “Real life has not quite measured up to these expectations. In the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Estonia has dropped four places over the last four years, now ranking ninth instead of fifth.”

Drawing on a number of studies, Danilov pointed out that several fields in Estonia would benefit from data-driven targeted automated support instruments to enhance the public sector, and that real life data could be used more extensively in planning various fields of life. “A great example is the fact that we have no overview of how productively Ukrainian war refugees have been employed or how they live,” Danilov added.  

Possible solutions are discussed at the conference by Professor Sylvie Delacroix (University of Birmingham), Maarja Olesk PhD (Insitute of Baltic Studies), Raigo Uukkivi PhD (Tax and Customs Board), Taavi Tillmann PhD (University of Tartu), Kert Valdaru (Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre), Kristen Michal (Riigikogu), and Johanna Vallistu (Foresight Centre). The participants of the conference will learn about the information society future scenarios which have been freshly completed in cooperation between the Foresight Centre, Institute of Baltic Studies, and LevelLab.

The conference is moderated by the Head of the Foresight Centre Tea Danilov.

The conference keynote can be viewed at the link below!

In 2022, the study projects of the Foresight Centre included the future of data freedom, which examined the key development trends and options in the further development of Estonia’s data economy and data-driven governance until 2035. One component of data freedom monitoring is also the study of the opportunities to use public information, which explores the legal and practical usability of public information in Estonia.

The Foresight Centre is an independent think tank at the Riigikogu that analyses long-term developments in society and economy. The Centre conducts research projects to analyse the long-term developments in the Estonian society, and to identify new trends and development directions.

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