Future Health Care

The research approaches future health care from the human oriented point of view. Which alternative futures could take shape in health care for the general public? What do these mean for the accessibility of services, quality, or financing from the point of view of an individual? The research starts with individuals, spanning out to also include the impact of different scenarios to the system level.

The broader aim of the research was to understand the alternative futures of health care where the current developments in the key factors could take us – such as the development of personalised medicine, changes in the global pharmaceutical market, increased importance accorded to mental health, use of remote procedures, change in the form of work, increased health-consciousness, change in the balance of prevention and treatment, etc.

The objective of the scenarios was to reflect how today’s political choices connect to long-term changes, and to make us consider the kind of health care system we would like to see in the future. What is the price tag of each scenario and the possible financing models?

Key research questions

  • What is the future of health care in Estonia? How do the major trends direct us towards different futures?
  • Which political choices in health care determine a different outcome for an individual?
  • Can the results of different choices (scenarios) be quantified, and how? What would the impact be on the accessibility, cost, or use of services?

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